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Wish Ewe Were Here Jigsaw Magnet SKU: TJ-JIG008

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Are you on the search for some wonderful sheep artwork, or looking for a beautiful artistic gift? If the answer is yes, then step into the “Whimsical World of Thomas Joseph” and indulge in a truly wacky range of designs.

His humorous, contemporary art is inspired by the Irish and Scottish countryside which he enjoys portraying through this comical sheep range. Thomas’s art style has been praised for its light-heartedness, stemming from his inclusion of comical puns and silly sheep. The fun colourful nature makes his gifts and artwork the perfect conversation starter for the living room or kitchen.

Thomas Joseph’s artistic style is completely unique as he truly paints from the heart, his love of rural landscapes and his great sense of humour translates wonderfully to the canvas. After years of intricately creating his whimsical world through paint, he finally decided to share his light and humorous interpretation of rural life with everyone else in this special range of gifts.

The extensive selection of products and paintings allows you to choose the gift best suited to the occasion.

So, whether you’re looking for some beautiful artwork to set off your feature wall or just want some whimsy in your daily routine, we are sure that this range of fabulous designs will bring a smile to your face!