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Form-ewe-la One Mounted Print SKU: TJ-LMP057

Sold in packs of 12 QTY 

The Thomas Joseph gift range provides an extensive collection of beautifully tailored, unique gifts ranging from homeware, kitchenware and stationery to greeting cards, beautiful sheep art prints and much more. Truly the perfect place to find an original gift for a sheep lover! All products shown feature a painting from the now-iconic sheep artwork brand.

The range was inspired by Thomas Joseph’s love of the rolling Celtic landscapes, along with his favourite animals found dotted across it, the Sheep! The light and humorous artistry is characterized by wonderful bright colours and calming soft edges.

The humorous scenes coupled with high-quality products make fun yet practical presents. So, if you are struggling to think of great gift idea, or are looking for your next sheep themed home accessory, look no further.