Christmas Collection

Yes, it’s that time of year again when our ‘Whimsical Worlds’ seem to go into overdrive! It’s Christmas, and just what is it about the festive season that makes it so very special? For some of us, it’s a time to reflect on the Christmases of our past, with memories from childhood of the stocking at the end of the bed, the sack bulging with toys and the huge dinner that no one could finish! The table creaking under the weight of that enormous turkey and the sauce that was often forgotten about until the meal was long over. The mountain of presents around the bottom of the magical tree, the fire burning in the hearth, the carol singers at the door and of course Grandpa asleep in his chair, insisting that he just had his eyes closed ! Then there’s the after dinner charades, when we all became budding Oscar winners and how we loved to trick Uncle Joe into believing that we couldn’t guess the film….when we really knew it all along! Endless memories that are all wonderful to share with those we love, those who can be with us for Christmas and with those who are sadly far away but still close in our hearts. While it’s a time to look back, for many it’s a time to look forward as well. Perhaps it’s your first Christmas in your new home, your baby’s first Christmas, or the magical first time Santa will come down your chimney. Sadly some firsts may be also be harder to face but that makes holding onto the memories all the more important and if they can be held with a smile, then all the better. The Whimsical World of Thomas Joseph is a wonderful way to capture all these moments, memories and messages of love. His images are from a range of original paintings in which silly sheep and other comical farm animals, donkeys, cows and more, are posing in landscapes typical of rural Ireland or Scotland. They simply burst with colour, and gentle humour. All this combined with the whimsical and often affectionate messages conveyed, make them not only a joy to behold but the perfect gift at Christmas. The range of products is extensive and all are of the highest quality. Whether it’s an apron to protect you from the turkey fat, a stylish coaster or tablemat to dress the Christmas table, or perhaps a comfy cushion to rest on after all that figgy pudding, there will be something in this selection that’s guaranteed to raise a smile. It is the season to be cheerful after all and what better way to do that than to enter the Whimsical World of Thomas Joseph?