Flexible Notebooks


Thomas Joseph’s pocket-sized range of notebooks are an excellent way for you to organise your daily activities.

The pocketbooks were designed with a writer’s busy schedule in mind! If your petit workbag is already full to the brim, not to worry! The flexible cover on this writing tool makes it easy to squeeze it into the tightest of spaces, pockets included!

And to ensure that the pages don’t get all dog eared and crumpled, the cover has a small elastic cord to hold it shut while not in use.

Thomas Joseph’s sheep themed artwork is the perfect inspiration for your whimsy scrawlings and doodles. Each notebook cover features one of the Whimsical World’s fun and bright country scenes on the front. The notebooks put a whimsy twist on the beautiful rolling hills of the countryside in Ireland and the rugged Highlands of Scotland.

The country landscape designs and wacky farm animals make this the perfect unique gift for a friend, co-worker or really anyone that sketches or writes.

The title for each image is printed on the back cover of each notebook and does not feature on the front.

The Notebook has about 160 plain white pages meaning that it can be used for both quick sketches and note-taking. A light-hearted and fun sheep gift.