Jigsaw Magnets


On the lookout for some fun sheep themed gift ideas? Worry not, the Thomas Joseph range has wacky sheep in abundance!

Each magnet features one of Thomas Joseph’s instantly recognisable paintings! The scenes are all of rural settings, usually inspired by the countryside of Ireland and Scotland. The bright and colourful scenes include a selection of fun farm animals shown in bizarre situations! The art possesses a light-hearted humour which always raises a smile!

The colourful paintings and silly pun-based titles make these high-quality magnets the perfect gift for fans of funny sheep, or just animals generally!

Thomas’s refrigerator magnets are wonderfully unique and are perfect for decorating your fridge to add a little country style to your kitchen.

The magnets are neatly packaged in a branded bag. The small size and light weight make them the perfect small gift to send in the post to your friends abroad!

The selection of funny puzzle jigsaw magnets from The Whimsical World of Thomas Joseph Range will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Please note, these jigsaw magnets contain small pieces and are not suitable for children under 3.