2025 Desk Calendar

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Introducing the 2025 Desk Calendar by artist Thomas Joseph, where whimsical sheep and a delightful cast of farm animal friends bring joy to your everyday routine. Bursting with vibrant colours and silly antics, this calendar promises to be the highlight of your desk décor!


  • Discover the 2025 Desk Calendar by Thomas Joseph: Where sheep, cows, and donkeys take centre stage in comically vibrant artworks guaranteed to turn heads in any home or office.
  • Stay Organized with a Smile: Packaged in a CD case-style box that doubles as a stand, this calendar ensures your daily dose of charm is always visible on your desk.
  • Laugh Along Every Month: 12-month cards feature original artwork paired with puns so corny they could make a chicken blush.
  • Compact and Convenient: Standing at a respectable 11cm, with a base of 14cm x 12.5cm, it's the perfect size to squeeze onto any desk without crowding your workspace.
  • Durability Guaranteed: Printed on premium cardstock, these monthly cards are as tough as a barn door, ensuring your daily dose of laughter lasts all year long.