Wish Ewe Were Here Coaster

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  • Dimensions: 10.5cm x 10.5cm
  • Materials: Lacquered Surface Hardboard and Cork Backed
  • Easily cleaned with a wipe-clean surface


How many times have we been caught in one of those holiday moments? Forecast good, weather awful!
At least these poor sheep were prepared for all eventualities. The comical image on this coaster is from a painting by Irish artist Thomas Joseph and he captures the atmosphere of a moorland storm perfectly.
It’s an image that evokes all sorts of memories of holidays or days out that didn’t quite turn out as planned, but that still raise a smile.
So why not share the moment with someone close to you. This little coaster makes the perfect gift to do just that.
Help them sit back and enjoy their cup of coffee, whist reminiscing about those special times shared with you and maybe wishing quietly that they were back. ‘Wishing ere were here.’
This quality coaster is guaranteed to brighten up anyone’s day and would look great on kitchen or coffee table or your desk at work, so why not treat yourself as well? That way you can all share the smile.